Lazydays RV

How Data Driven Segments Resulted In Getting +93% Leads With A 24% Drop in CPA

Back in 2020, Lazydays RV was looking to increment their lead flow and find efficiency with their marketing dollars.

At the start of the pandemic, the business was focused on pulling back budget for the year but also obtaining max results for their investment.

How did we make an impact? Simple. Data driven decisions with objective oriented campaigns.

After an initial audit, it was clear that to support the various services offered by Lazydays, all customer journeys, data and objectives would need to be segmented with holistic digital marketing flows that reflected the diversity of these audiences.

With Google Analytics at its core, the creation of digital marketing tactics that supported each other with holistic multiĀ­ touch strategies and data recycling efforts allowed for a +93% increase in leads with a 24% drop in CPA and a +17% in ROAS within the first 90 days of implementation.

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Copyright 2023. Foretell Consulting LLC . All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023. Foretell Consulting LLC . All rights reserved.